Why are we doing this?

Why are we doing this?

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  • We’re working with everyone in Sydney to plant Five Million Trees (5MT) by 2030.

    That’s more trees in our streets, parks, backyards, neighbourhoods and schools, so we can grow our tree canopy from 16.8%* to 40% (*source Office of Environment and Heritage, 2011).

    More tree canopy means more shade, cooler suburbs (by reducing the heat island effect), more habitats for our wildlife and even an increase in property values.

    We need your help.

    Whether you’re an individual, council, organisation or community group, we want you to plant a tree for the future and make it count today as one of the Five Million.

    Where are all the trees?

    View the map below to see the average tree canopy cover in built and developed areas across Greater Sydney.


    Data source: SPOT 5 Woody Extent and Foliage Projective Cover (FPH) 5-10m, 2011, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. Average to LGA (2016)

    5MT is part of the NSW Government’s commitment to creating a greener city to improve Sydney’s health, climate, economy and environment.