How do I get involved?

How do I get involved?

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  • Register your tree
  • We can’t do it alone! We all need to do our part.

    We want everyone to get involved. Residents, community groups, organisations and government are all working together to plant Five Million Trees across Greater Sydney.

    Get Involve Individual


    Plant a tree on your property and make it count by registering your tree online.

    Not sure what tree to plant?

    Use our Tree Selector to quickly and easily find tree species that grow best in your area. It is also recommended you talk to a professional for advice about what tree would best suit your site.

    This could be someone at your local nursery, a qualified arborist or contact someone at your local council.

    No room at your place to plant a tree?

    Get your hands dirty at a tree planting day! Alternatively, some Councils may allow planting of trees in a naturestrip but this can only be undertaken with the approval of your local Council.

    Get Involve School

    Schools and organisations

    There are heaps of tree planting projects run by local government, organisations, businesses, schools and community groups.

    Let’s make Sydney even healthier and more liveable by finding new opportunities to plant more trees. For every tree you plant make it count as one of the five million by registering your tree online.

    Here is a list of key planting events for 2018 to get your started.

    22 April Earth Day
    5 June Environment Day
    27 July Schools Tree Day
    29 July National Tree Day